A: Conference Registration covers the one and a half days of training, breakfast and lunch on Monday, and the Congressional reception on Tuesday evening. The registration fee does not include the hotel cost, although we do have a discounted rate at the Holiday Inn Capitol where the conference is held. Get Travel offers services to help organize flights if needed.

Student Impact

“I attended NAC to see how a student like myself could actually change and impact legislation and shift the focus of the US Government toward STEM. I learned so much from the training and was so prepared when I met with our elected legislators, that is was really empowering to realize, me, as a student could really make a difference. I gained confidence and a belief in my own abilities while positively impacting every student in America.”

Nate Bandt – FRC 1816 – The Green Machine


“I went to the NAC to learn about the inner workings of our government and to advocate for STEM education and FIRST. My favorite part of the experience was learning to communicate professionally and effectively with my Senators and Representatives, knowing that my requests are being taken seriously. The NAC has allowed me to see the fast paced lifestyle of the people who work in our nation’s capital, and as a student, it also improved my confidence as a presenter knowing that I can present to my nation’s leaders and be seen as an equal.”

- Frank Ferrari – FRC 1718 – The Fighting Pi


"The National Advocacy Conference has been a life changing event that has truly helped to shape me as a presenter and a public speaker. Although I am a member of the Pi-oneer's presentation team, I get severe anxiety before speaking publicly, whether that be in a class at school or a formal presentation. NAC was a stepping stone in helping me become more comfortable as a presenter and as a speaker in general. I am now more confident when presenting and I have found ways to work past my presentation anxiety thanks to the opportunity that NAC has provided me."

- Hannah Epstein FRC 1676 Pascack Pi-oneers