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Havana, Cuba Endurace Race

November 8th-13th, 2019
Havana, Cuba

GET Sports is providing the bucket-list Endurance and Exploration Trip of a lifetime... just for you!

Take a six day, five night trip to Havana, Cuba and allow yourself to go back in time. Runners and spectators alike will be able to experience Cuba's rich history and culture first hand.

Aside from optional participation in the Marabana Cuba Marathon, Half-Marathon or 10K, you will explore some of Havana's most iconic and historic landmarks, learn about the ever-popular Cuban Cigars and rum at local factories, enjoy Cuban meals at local family restaurants, and come back home with a new perspective of living. 


Travel Authorization: Under the current US travel guidelines issued by O.F.A.C. (United States Office  of Foreign Asset Control) this Cultural-Athletics Travel Program is a legally sanctioned trip within the current general licensing provisions. If you have any questions about this please feel free to call our partner at (916) 225-8207.

About    Package Inclusions    Itinerary    Hotel Options    Pricing    Havana's History    FAQ    Map

Package Inclusions:

  • Optional Marathon Registration (10K, Half, or Full Marathon)
  • Custom Finisher Medal Exclusive to GET Sports Guests
  • 5 Night Stay at chosen hotel
  • Airfare from Miami, Florida to Havana, Cuba
  • Airfare from Havana, Cuba to Miami, Florida
  • Transportation to and from airport and organized group activities
  • 5 Breakfasts, 3 Lunches, and 3 Dinners
  • Orientation group dinner
  • Cigar factory tour, rum factory tour, french press coffee plantation biosphere visit, New Havana motor coach tour, and Old Havana guided walking tour
  • Race snacks and pack
  • Cuba's famous distilled water race course pouches
  • On-site GET Sports staff
  • Bi-Lingual tour guides
  • Bi-Lingual assistance for hotel and race check-in
  • Certification to travel to Cuba under U.S. Department of the Treasury General License (MUST have valid, active passport)
  • Travel guide prior to departure with itinerary, emergency information, and trip FAQ.
  • 24 Hour Emergency customer service contact

About    Package Inclusions    Itinerary    Hotel Options    Pricing    Havana's History    FAQ    Map

Day One
The Adventure Begins
Dinner Included
Friday, November 8th 2019

Start your trip by boarding a U.S. flight from Miami, Florida to Havana, Cuba. Upon arrival in Cuba, you will be checked into your hotel. Once you and your group are settled in, acquaint yourself with the local neighborhood at your leisure and later, enjoy an arrival dinner and orientation.

Day Two
Explore All Havana Has To Offer
Breakfast and Lunch Included
Saturday, November 9, 2019

Wake up and enjoy breakfast at your hotel. Shortly after, immerse yourself in Cuban cultural, history and sports. Kick off your first day in the historic city capturing the rhythm of Old Havana. The tour begins with a walking tour taking in sights, sounds and the feel for all four main squares of Old Havana: Plaza San Francisco, Plaza Vieja, Cathedral Square and the Parque Central.

The evening is yours to explore the local flavor on your own. (Dinner not included)

Day Three
Race Day 7am
Breakfast and Dinner Included

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Get your running shoes on for your participation in the Full Marathon, Half-Marathon, and/or 10K! Marathon start times are currently scheduled for 7AM but are subject to change.

Enjoy running through beautiful historical Havana known as Old Havana and celebrate the City of Havana’s 500th birthday celebration month!

Post-Race - Custom Race Medal given exclusively to GET Sports Marathon Participants! No other runners will receive this custom-made medal. Post-race snacks and goodies also included.

Day Four
Culture Immersion
Breakfast and Lunch Included
Monday. November 11, 2019

Following breakfast, depart for Las Terrazas, a biosphere reserve that was once a French coffee plantation. Upon arrival at Las Terraza’s center, attend a brief orientation followed by a guided tour. After you've visited the once-was coffee plantation, enjoy a quick drive to the center of the community where there is a clinic, general store, disco and pharmacy.

After lunch, we'll be taking some time to view Cuban art from local artists. Shortly after, you're off to a small farm or "finca," to visit colorful, vibrant sights and experience first-hand Cuban countryside farming. You can perhaps even take a swim in the river, weather permitting, of course.

In the evening we will research our own best choice of a paladar (family-ran restaurant) in Cuba and debrief the group the next day! For those that have a little run left in them we’ll set up some time to run in the countryside.

Day Five
Learning the History
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Included
Tuesday, November 12, 2019

For day five, we visit a Cuban cigar factory to see how they roll the finest tobacco leaves. And what pairs better with a cigar than a fine glass of Cuban Rum? So, directly after leaving the cigar factory we're off to a Cuban rum museum!

After visiting the factories, eat lunch and explore the beach where you can enjoy a swim and relax in the warm beautiful Cuban ocean. On the way back to Havana you will visit the largest covered market in Old Havana where you can search for the perfect souvenirs and treasures.

Enjoy a departure dinner while sharing, celebrating and enjoying an evening with new friends, family. Soak up all you can during your last night in Cuba!

Day Six
Depart Home
Breakfast Included
Wednesday. November 13, 2019

Say goodbye to Cuba.
It's time to head back to the United States.

Please note:  Individual Round Trip Outbound and Return flights from your home city are not included.

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Hotel Nacional de Cuba

Located in the middle of Vedado, the center of Havana, Hotel Nacional de Cuba stands on a hill just a few meters from the sea, consistently painting priceless views for it's guests.  Hotel Nacional de Cuba is considered a symbol of history, culture and Cuban identity and has been declared a National Monument.

This property's ancient splendor and old school-luxury charm has attracted a large number of personalities from the arts, science and political world since 1930. Past guests include Winston Churchill, Frank Sinatra, Ava Gardner, Johnny Weismuller, Maria Félix, Jorge Negrete, and Alexander Flemming, to name a few.

Hotel Vevado

Hotel Vedado-Saint John's is centrally located in the Vedado district of Havana. This property has a 24-hour reception, fitness center, a restaurant and an outdoor pool with an accompanying bar. 

In the hotel, each room is equipped with a desk and a television. The rooms have a private bathroom and select rooms have sea views. All rooms at Hotel Vedado-Saint John's include air conditioning and a wardrobe. A buffet or American breakfast is served every morning. 

About    Package Inclusions    Itinerary    Hotel Options    Pricing    Havana's History    FAQ    Map

Value Package
Occupancy at Hotel Vedado

Double Occupancy:

Single Occupancy:

Regular Package
Occupancy at Hotel Nacional de Cuba

Double Occupancy:

Single Occupancy:

About    Package Inclusions    Itinerary    Hotel Options    Pricing    Havana's History    FAQ    Map

The History of Havana

Havana is a ocean-front city located alongside a magnificent, deep-sea bay. Since Spanish colonial times, the city has remained a prime location for economic development. 

In colonial times, Havana was the first landfall for Spanish fleets coming to the New World. It became a staging area, first, for the conquest of the Americas by Spanish conquistadores and, later, for the economic and political domination of the hemisphere. The young city became a cosmopolitan centre with sprawling fortifications, cobblestone plazas, and buildings with ornamental facades and ornate iron balconies.

Today’s Havana mixes these structures with a variety of conventional modern buildings creating a  destination that does not lack in character and must be seen to be understood.


About    Package Inclusions    Itinerary    Hotel Options    Pricing    Havana's History    FAQ    Map


A Note About Cuba

We are thrilled that you are considering joining us on the culturally-immersive Havana, Cuba Endurance and Exploration Trip!  Prepare yourself for endless historic adventures, new experiences, and a whole lot of energy!

Cuba is a country that is a must-visit bucket list destination, often referred to as a time capsule.  This country takes you back in time with its vibrant cultural scene that is filled with old American cars, mixed-decades architecture, refreshingly warm and welcoming people, and energizing Latin music.

Much of the 1950 appeal of Cuba flows into the streets and hotels. While some hotels admittedly lack the modern look and feel Americans are accustomed to, they lend a sincere, authentic experience of Old Havana and Cuba.  It’s important to remember you are visiting a country that has only recently begun focusing on tourism.Our Advice?  Go with the flow, accept that you are in a different part of the world with a different sense of time, exercise your humor and flexibility, and come exactly as you are – nothing less and nothing more.

Participation in the academic portion of the itinerary is mandatory and surely will not disappoint.  You are expected to participate in all the activities we have arranged for you as it is required to obtain a cultural and educational take-back for your departure.  Things may be very different than what you are used to, but the Cuban people offer a sense of authenticity that Americans have lost over the decades - enjoy every bit of your time with them.

We ask that you disregard any expectation of modernized living and high-end service prior to your arrival. If you travel to Cuba with the same expectation you have of America or other more sophisticated parts of the world you will be met with resistance.It is common that water can grow cold quickly while in the shower or completely cut off. The electricity as well can shut on and off. Service is generally slower. Product choice (like food) is much more limited. Visualize American in the 50’s and 60’s. Cubans, for the most part, don’t have the same knowledge of what vegan or gluten-free is, and they think lactose intolerance means you don’t drink milk with your cookies.

Get ready to unhook yourself from your cell phone and immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of lovely Cuba. Perhaps a rustic camping trip will prepare you for Cuba…. And yes, that means no hair dryers! The information and helpful tips provided are crafted specifically for traveling in Cuba and are designed for establishing a realistic expectation while visiting this incredible country.


See you in Havana!

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Course Map


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